The here and now

There is a lot of potential confusion within communities about what the new Community Rights mean in practice.

It’s not clear what processes would be triggered through communities exercising these rights and councillors feel that the burden will be on them to interpret and explain what these mean to people.

Councillors are concerned about:

  • articulate and organised communities which take advantage of these rights for their own benefit
  • the potential for divisions within areas between different community groups and organisations
  • differences in capacity between communities which will become more visible
  • high capacity communities taking advantage
  • sustainability and running assets over a long period of time
  • the many communities which are not equipped to take over the running of services or manage community assets
  • the ethos of groups which may challenge to run services

a local faith group took over the running of a community centre and they felt unable to continue to rent rooms out for baby yoga sessions

What’s your role to support communities to understand and make best use of these new rights?

What skills and support might you need?

Now carry on to have a look at ‘communities – what do we mean?


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