The Political Skills Framework: a councillor’s toolkit

2013LGAPoliticalskillsRecognising that the landscape is far more complex than it was a decade ago and that local government has a democratic right to provide leadership across a geographic area, the LGA has produced a framework of new leadership skills to meet this challenge and maximise the opportunity for councillors to provide genuine local leadership of place.

The Local Government Association believe that great leaders make great places and this is their third iteration of the political skills framework as they aim to keep pushing forward the thinking and development of political support for councillors.

The Six core skills for councillors include:

  • Local leadership
  • Partnership working
  • Communication skills
  • Political understanding
  • Scrutiny and challenge
  • Regulating and monitoring

Each of the skill set definitions describe what is expected of councillors if they are to be effective and influential in their role. It is recognised that there is no ‘one best way’ to be a councillor. Each member will approach their role as a community leader in a very different way from their colleagues, but by discussion with over 350 members
and officers the indicators below reflect commonly held views about what might be considered excellent and poor councillor behaviour.

The publication encourages councillors to ask themselves a variety of questions and reflect on their current and potential role.


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