Modelling Devolution: Working together to deliver local services

2013LGAModellingRight across the length and breadth of the country many local and principal councils have already seen the benefits of devolving service delivery to a more local level. By working more closely on shared ambitions they are already reaping the rewards.

The models described in this publication are based on the experiences of just some of these councils.

But with nearly 400 principal councils and around 9,000 local councils in England alone, there could be an almost infinite number of ways that they could work together. The five approaches described are not meant to offer a prescriptive solution to partnership working and delivering localism and community empowerment. Rather, drawing on the experiences of those that have already done it, they aim to offer food for thought with some recommended do’s and don’ts for those councils that are just contemplating setting off down this path to consider.

Readers of this report – be they councillors or officers – are invited to take a ‘pick and mix’ approach to the models outlined and adapt the elements and ideas included to create a plan and way of working together that best suits their local context.


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